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Dribbles the Clown Quest Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Complete Dribbles the Clown BG3 Quest Guide

No more puns

Dribbles the Clown has met a grizzly end, but Lucretious can piece him back together as long as you can track down all his parts. In our Dribbles the Clown BG3 guide, we will tell you how to find all of the parts and complete the quest.

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How to Start the Dribbles the Clown Quest in BG3

You can start the Dribbles the Clown quest by finding Lucretious and talking to her. She is located in the Circus of the Last Days in Act 3. The circus is in Rivington inside of the Wyrm’s Crossing Region. The coordinates are X:-76, Y:-34. You’ll need to help her find her star clown and bring him back, dead or alive.

Where to Find All Dribbles the Clown Parts in BG3

Dribbles the Clown is found in seven different locations, including the Temple of Bhaal, Alexander Rainforest’s home, and near the Basilisk Gate Barracks. Each of these locations contains one part of Dribbles that was torn off and used in a sick ritual by Orin in Baldur’s Gate 3. Lucretious doesn’t tell you this at first, but the quest can’t be completed until every part of the clown is collected. Below you can find all seven locations in order of proximity.

Dribbles the Clown Hand Location:

Dribbles the Clown's hand location in BG3.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

This is the easiest part to find because it’s in the circus area. Head to the east of Lucretious where you will find a small vendor named Popper. You can either sneak behind him and steal Dribbles’ hand off the plate, or you can convince Popper to give it to you for free.

Dribbles the Clown Torso Location:

Dribbles the Clown's torso location in BG3.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Two of the body parts are in Wyrm’s Crossing before the city. The first is the hand and the second is the torso. You need to get underground, which can be done by using the hatch in the Open Hand Temple, or heading to the cave mouth on the beach from the image above.

Head inside and look for a group of doppelgangers. Take them out and loot all the bodies in the area. Here you will find the torso for Dribbles in BG3.

Dribbles the Clown Pelvis Location:

Dribbles the Clown's pelvis location in BG3.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Once you reach the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate, you can start looking for Dribbles the Clown’s five other parts. His pelvis is the easiest in the lower city to find because it’s right near the main initial portal point. From the Basilisk Gate, head north past the barracks, and into a small building with a blue door.

A common trend going forward is the need for lockpicking, so be sure to have Thieves’ Tools on hand. Open the blue door and search the body on the floor to get the pelvis.

Dribbles the Clown Arm Location:

Dribbles the Clown's Arm location in BG3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

To get Dribbles’ arm, head to the Lower City Central Wall. From here, move past the massive white building, which is Sorcerous Sundries. Go southeast of Sundries until you get to a small house closed off for investigation by the Fist.

We broke through the wall and then searched the interior. You’ll quickly find a hatch that you can use to reach the lower level and loot the arm you need.

Dribbles the Clown Leg Location:

Dribbles the Clown's leg location in BG3.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

As expected, the leg will also need a lockpick. You can find the leg beyond the Lower City Central Wall just before the graveyard in the green. The house, which is Lavernica’s Home, will be on your left. Like the last house, there is a hatch that leads below with plenty of bodies. Head to the ritual circle on the other side of the basement and loot the body in the center.

Dribbles the Clown Foot Location:

Dribbles the Clown's foor location in BG3.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Just south of the leg, you can find the foot in a house directly to the left of Beehive General Goods. Head inside, where you will find a rat. Near the rat, there is yet another hatch under the stairs. Loot the body that was used in a ritual there as well.

Dribbles the Clown Head Location:

Dribbles the Clown's head location in BG3.
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The head of Dribbles the Clown is located deep in the Temple of Bhaal. This temple is located within the Undercity Ruins section of the sewers. We were able to reach the Temple by using the hidden tunnel in the Emperor’s Hideout. To reach the hideout, you can go through the Elfsong Tavern. But an even easier way to reach this area is to use the manhole cover south of Bloombridge Park in the lower city. This takes you directly to the Undercity Ruins ladder and the Temple of Bhaal.

Now at this point, We have to warn you that the head is the hardest part of Dribbles to obtain in BG3. You have the portal from here, so you can always come back, but you will want your party to be prepared before entering.

To open the door to the Temple of Bhaal, make sure to shoot the bodies hanging over the platform. The first door will open, but then you have a real struggle ahead. Inside there will be an ambush starting with three archers and a ritualist named the Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev. This enemy can wipe out your party if he doesn’t die fast enough.

Your best bet is to have your whole party jump to the right-side cliff and kill the Farslayer with ranged attacks in one turn. Or you can have one party member sneak attack the Farslayer. Either way, he needs to be taken out as soon as possible. When we killed the ritualist, all the other enemies disappeared, so don’t waste your time fighting them.

With that done, you can head into the main temple entrance area where you will find a handful of bodies around a statue. The head of Dribbles the Clown is found in this circle of bodies as loot like the other pieces.

Dribbles the Clown Quest Rewards in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Once you have all seven body parts for Dribbles the Clown, you can head back to Lucretious at the Circus in Wyrm’s Crossing. If all seven parts are in your inventory, you can finally progress the quest and bring the clown back to the family. Lucretious will gladly take the body parts and presumably will reanimate the clown.

This also means that the circus will get ready to pack up, and as a parting gift, you will be given the Spellmight Gloves. These allow you to sacrifice hit chance on spells with attack rolls for much higher damage.

How to Start the Dribbles the Clown Quest in BG3

The official quest name is Find Dribbles The Clown and is available in Act 3. You can find the initial Dribbles the Clown on stage in the Circus of the Last Days, which is on the south side of Rivington. When you enter the circus, there are some vendors that you can interact with, and one of the main attractions happens to be a clown act.

Of course, the Dribbles you see on stage quickly becomes another scary murder clown and you need to find the rest of his true body after the Doppelgangers are defeated in BG3.

We hope you found our Dribbles the Clown BG3 guide helpful. If you need to complete the entire Open Hand Temple Murders quest, make sure to check out our guide for Baldur’s Gate 3.

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