How to Remove a Pact From Armor in Diablo 4

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Vampiric Powers are the core of the gameplay loop in Diablo 4 Season 2, but Pacts are the engine that pushes them along and determines your overall build. Eventually, you’ll need to remove a Pact from your armor to help refine your character and complete the Season Journey. Here’s how to remove a Pact from armor in Diablo 4.

How to Remove Pacts From Your Armor in Diablo 4

To remove a Pact from armor, you need to use a Cleansing Acid item that can erase every bonus or a specific one. Cleansing Acids are stored in your standard inventory and are a one-time use. You’ll need to do this at least once in Season 2 of Diablo 4 to continue the Season Journey so you’ll need to have an acid on hand.

Cleansing Acid in Diablo 4
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After you’ve used an acid for the initial Journey quest, you’ll need them to tailor your Sanguine Powers. Cleansing Acids that remove a specific Pact from armor are perfect for equipment where only one bonus is hindering the build. But I would just use the general Cleansing Acid for armor that has great stats and a bad selection of Pacts.

How to Get Cleansing Acid in Diablo 4

You can craft Cleansing Acid at any Alchemist with at least 100 Potent Blood or you can open Seeker Cache containers in the Blood Harvest. Any time I need another acid item I opt for the crafting option. It’s far more reliable and, after enough grinding, earning 100 Potent Blood isn’t too bad. Having to grind caches is far less reliable and I’ve only seen a couple so far.

Pacts determine which Vampiric Powers are active on the Sanguin Circle, so your armor is incredibly important in the Season of Blood. By the end game, you’re going to need plenty of Cleansing Acids, so start saving up while you can.

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