Diablo 4 Blood Lures
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How to Get Blood Lures in Diablo 4

The new Cinders

One of the new activities in Diablo 4 Season 2 is the Blood Harvest, which requires plenty of Blood Lures if you plan on making any real progress. To help you power through your Vampiric Powers and take claim of the harvest lands, I’ll cover how you can get more Blood Lures in Diablo 4.

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Where to Find Blood Lures in Diablo 4

You can get Blood Lures by killing enemies inside of Blood Harvest events or by opening Seeker Cache containers. Any monsters that you kill within a harvest will have a chance to drop lures, but they aren’t nearly as common as Cinders you find in Helltides. After killing multiple packs of enemies, you might end up with a couple of lures.

Blood Lures in the Blood Harvest
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Any time you find “Blood Seeker” vampires in a harvest zone, there is a chance for a Seeker Key to drop. You can typically expect at least two Blood Lures when you use a Seeker Key to open up a Seeker Cache but I’ve seen varying amounts each time I open a cache. The cache containers appear randomly in a Blood Harvest, so you need to explore for the icons to appear.

How to Use Blood Lures in Diablo 4

When you have a handful of Blood Lures, you can spend 15 of them on a Sanguine Ritual chalice to summon at least two “Blood Seekers” in the area. Sanguine Ritual chalices are found in Blood Harvest zones and are always marked with a chalice icon. Each one costs 15, but there are also Potent Blood pools you can use your lures on.

Remember that you can also save your lures and your Seeker Keys. Unlike Helltides, your progress won’t be lost when the harvest ends and relocates to a new zone. So get to grinding and don’t feel like you need to spend all your resources.

To make sure you’re ahead of the harvest, read my guide on how to get Seeker Keys in Diablo 4.

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