How to Recruit Rafael Aguerro in Starfield

One of the tougher crew members to recruit.

Starfield Nishina Research Station Exterior
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With so many unique companions to recruit, how willing are you to fight for one? Here is how to recruit Rafael Aguerro in Starfield.

How to Get Rafael Aguerro in Starfield

To get Rafael Aguerro as a companion in Starfield, you must first tackle the main story mission, “Entangled,” but you must either rescue both realities or save Rafael from his to unlock him as a recruitable crew member/companion in the future.

Starfield Rafael
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It’s not a simple task to rescue an entire reality, let alone two realities, but Rafael is trapped, and he has a fantastic beard and mustache that must remain in this universe. To save him, shut down the probe in his reality. Or, as previously mentioned, work with the team at Nishina Research to shut down the probe but save both realities, thereby thrusting Rafael through a wormhole of sorts and back into your reality.

Confusing, right? Just take the story quest slow and listen to the dialogue. It’s easily one of the best missions in the game.

Rafael Aguerro’s Skills

Starship Engineering2
Outpost Engineering1
Outpost Management1

Where to Assign Rafael Aguerro

As you can see, Rafael excels in multiple areas. He’s adept when working at an outpost but shines on a starship. His skill, Starship Engineering, at level two, allows him to make every ship system more resistant to damage and repair quicker after taking any damage. At level two, he provides 25% ship damage mitigation.

As such, I recommend keeping him on your spaceship. You will find plenty of other companions to work on an outpost on some no-name planet. Do not waste that Starship Engineering ability.

Can You Romance Rafael Aguerro?

Sadly, even with that glorious facial hair, you cannot romance Rafael Aguerro in Starfield. He’s a companion and crew member exclusively, so he has no dating or marriage opportunities.

To complement Rafael’s starship abilities, we recommend recruiting Heller to take his place on an outpost.

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