How to Recruit Gideon Aker in Starfield

A weapons specialist worth every penny.

Starfield Gideon Aker
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It’s always useful to spend a few credits and recruit a handful of crew members to man the weapons, shields, and engines that keep your ship flying through space. Here is how to recruit Gideon Aker in Starfield.

How to Get Gideon Aker in Starfield

To recruit Gideon Aker, you must track him down at The Viewport in New Atlantis. He’s typically sitting at the bar, wallowing in his inability to land a contract, or wandering the main floor of the bar. He’s young, with well-groomed black hair, and doesn’t appear like the weapons specialists you might imagine.

Starfield Gideon Aker Recruitment
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Like all other crew members, you can persuade Gideon to take fewer credits to satisfy his fee. You must only complete a persuasion check to save yourself a few thousand credits, which is worthwhile if you don’t mind his sob story.

Gideon Aker’s Skills

Ballistic Weapon Systems2
Missile Weapon Systems2

Where to Assign Gideon Aker

As you can see from his available skills, Gideon Aker specializes in various ship-based weapon systems, namely ballistics and missiles. You will likely use both more often than any other weapon type in the game unless you’re running the Starborn Ship consistently.

As such, you will want to assign Gideon to your spaceship. He’s best suited in the air, manning the weapons and helping you dogfight, than down on the ground at a resource-gathering operation.

Can You Romance Gideon Aker?

Unfortunately, no. You can only romance a handful of companions in Starfield, including Sarah Morgan, Andreja, Sam Coe, and Barrett. Gideon Aker, and those like him, are not romanceable options in the game.

If your goal is to collect every crew member possible, don’t forget about the many missable companions in the game.

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