How to Quickly Level Up Akame Network in Like A Dragon Gaiden

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Like A Dragon Gaiden features the new Akame Network system. This will be crucial to unlocking new substories and other parts of the game. Here is how to level up the Akame Network fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden.

Leveling the Akame Network Fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden

To level up the Akame network quickly in Like A Dragon Gaiden, you’ll want to focus on doing requests. These offer the most bang for your buck and will give you far and away more Network Points than the Stroll and Patrol missions you’ll find around town. You can obtain these requests by talking to Akame in the hideout.

As you continue the main story and level up the network, you can access even more quests. You can also invest points in the ‘Investments’ tab of the network. One of your options is to obtain more Akame Network points from missions, which should be purchased as soon as they become available.

Once you unlock the Coliseum in The Castle, you can also grind out more Network points there, but some of those fights are brutally difficult and will require a lot of time. Doing Requests will help you recruit more powerful team members. This is a great way to maximize your time.

Best Akame Network Requests to Level Up Fast

Below is a list of easy requests to knock out for a big reward

  • The Golden Samurai: 8,000 Points
  • The Golden Scourge: 15,000 Points
  • Vanquish the Red Peacocks: 3,000 Points
  • The Strongest Convenience Store Clerk: 4,000 Points
  • End The Destruction: 15,000 Points
  • Liberate The Hammer Man: 4,000 Points

These requests are pretty quick and offer some other bonuses outside of Network points when you complete them. They are easily the best ones to focus on.

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