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How to Put your Hood Up in Hogwarts Legacy


by Grant Testa
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Hogwarts Legacy has a huge selection of clothing items including various handwear, face wear, headwear, neckwear, outfits, and the iconic cloaks and robes that allow gamers to explore Hogwarts and cast spells in style. Some of the items can even aid in the roleplaying aspect of Hogwarts Legacy, such as an evil, stealthy, or mysterious characters using a hooded cloak for their ensemble. If you are going for the hooded style with your character build, here is everything you need to know about putting your hood up or down in Hogwarts Legacy.

Step One: Find a Cloak or Robe with a Hood in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to put your hood up in Hogwarts Legacy, make sure that you have a cloak or robe with a hood. Go to your cloaks and robes and look at the back of it, if it has a hood, you are good to go for the next step, otherwise keep exploring and/or searching treasure chests until you find one. Once you have found one, equip it and move on to step two.

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Step Two: How to Put your Hood Up in Hogwarts Legacy

In the gear menu, hover your cursor over the Cloaks and Robes option and you will see options to “change appearance,” and more importantly “hood on/off.” Hitting the hood on/off button will cause the hood to appear on your head, turning a regular robe into the desired stealthy, evil, or mysterious attire for your character.

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You will notice that when the hood is on, your headwear will remain equipped, but will be shrouded by your robe or cloak. If you would prefer to remove the hood, simply hit the same “hood on/off” control to remove it.

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