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How to Pre-Register for Marvel Snap

You can do it with the snap of your fingers.

by Jesse Vitelli

During the Disney x Marvel Showcase, we got another look at the Marvel Snap card game from the team at Second Dinner. Fans will be able to get their hands on the game on October 18. Here is how to pre-register for Marvel Snap.

How to Pre-Register for Marvel Snap

To pre-register for Marvel Snap, you’ll need to head over to the official website. From there, click on the pre-registration button and select either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your mobile device. Once you do that, click the re-register button on your respective store, and you’re good to go.

You don’t need to sign up with your email or make an account. As long as you’re on your phone when doing this, it will all go over smoothly.

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Marvel Snap lands on mobile devices on October 18, so luckily, you won’t have to wait long actually to get into the game yourself. For now, though, be sure to check out the latest trailer and see some of your favorite heroes in their new card forms.

The trailer even shows off new 8-bit versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Who asked for these? We’re not sure, but they exist, so now you must look at them. If you’re a fan or Marvel and collectible digital card games, this should be right up your alley.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to register for Marvel Snap. be sure to check out all of the coverage from the D23 Disney x Marvel Showcase. There’s plenty to look at. We also got a look at Disney Dreamlight Valley content coming this Fall. You can find all of our coverage of the game right here.

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