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How to Play the WoW Dragonflight Free Trial This Weekend

Take to the skies - free of charge - for a whole month.

by David Morgan

I see you out there reading this. Yeah, you’re the guy with an active WoW subscription who keeps forgetting to cancel it, even though you haven’t played in months! Or maybe you bought one of those year-long deals for a cool mount. Hey, I’m not here to judge, but since you’re already here, wanna learn how you can get in on Dragonflight for free? Let’s do it.

How to Access the WoW Dragonflight Expansion Trial

First thing’s first, as alluded to above you’ll need an active World of Warcraft Subscription to try Dragonflight for free. This still means you’ll be accessing the $50 expansion without technically paying for it, though.

Install the desktop app: If you don’t have it – give this a download. Assuming you play any other Blizzard games, this should already be on your PC.

Download World of Warcraft: You, uh, need the game installed to play it. But if you’re reading this guide, you might wanna get that download started. He’s a big boy.

Click Play and enjoy Dragonflight until June 4: You can bring any of your level 60 characters to Dragonflight right away, but do note you can’t progress past level 60 during the trial. But fret not – any experience you gain will be banked and granted to you should you purchase Dragonflight later on. Speaking of which – it’s all editions of Dragonflight are 40% off until May 15.

If you’re concerned about not being able to technically level past 60, fret not. The level-scaling system introduced a while back means the content won’t out-level your character, so you can take your time progressing through the campaign until June 4. This is the second expansion trial Blizzard has done for Dragonflight, and if you created a Dracthyr Evoker last time but didn’t purchase the expansion your progress carries over.

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With patch 10.1 having just dropped and a new raid and Mythic+ season on the way, it’s a great time to jump in to Dragonflight if you’re so inclined. If you need more help getting started, check out our other World of Warcraft guides by clicking the tag below.