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How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Mac

Mac fusions for the win

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is yet another one of those extremely well-crafted romhacks that gives the player a completely new experience in the Pokemon world. And as the name suggests, this one is based on those classical Pokemon Fusion websites that allow you to combine two creatures into a new, original one, usually returning a few man-made horrors beyond our comprehension as a result. 

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The base game is originally designed to run on Windows, but you can bend the rules a little bit and play it on a Mac if you’re patient enough to do some extra steps.

While there’s no official Mac version and, therefore, no support for those trying to run it this way, poor performance is to be expected. But you can still do it through two different methods: Running a Virtual Machine or using Wineskin Server.

Pick your method and once everything is set and done, you can download the game through the forums or official Discord and run it normally.

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Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Through Wineskin Server

Wineskin is dedicated to making direct ports of Windows-based software to MacOS. It’s easier and simpler than installing a Virtual Machine, and it’s your go-to option for running the game. Get it through its official Github page and after booting it up, make sure to install the WS11WineCX64Bit21.1.0 engine. After that, you need to do the following:

  • Hit “Create New Blank Wrapper”, name it as you want and wait for a while. 
  • Select “View wrapper in Finder” and open the Wineskin executable.
  • Now choose “Install Software” and select to either copy or move a folder inside (it will be Pokemon Infinite Fusion’s unzipped folder).
  • Now you need to choose the executable file, named either Game.exe or Pokemon Infinite Fusion.exe.

And that’s basically it. You can now run the game normally as you want. This same installation method works for other Windows-only games, but performance is never assured. 

Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion Through a Virtual Machine

Commonly used by programmers, a Virtual Machine works basically as an emulator for a different Operational System in your computer, allowing you to run Windows applications on a Mac and vice-versa. And just like a regular emulator, performance is not always the best here. But it usually gets the job done. 

You have options such as the popular VirtualBox, possibly the most used Virtual Machine out there. But when running games, a good option is KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), which makes use of your own components, such as your GPU, when you launch it. It’s not absolutely needed though, but it will definitely boost your overall performance

Once you pick your machine, download it through its official site and follow the instructions in the installation wizard. You’ll need to allocate some dedicated Hard Disk space and, if running a Kernel-based machine, set it up correctly to use your Graphics Card. 

After finishing your settings, you can now normally download the game and run it as if you’re using regular Windows. At this point, you’ve probably noticed how the OS runs poorly compared to the usual, but the game should still be playable.

Good luck with catching/fusing your unholy abominations!

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