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Latest GameStop Pokémon Promotion Gives “When Pigs Fly” New Meaning

Who doesn't want a flying Lechonk on their team?

by Daphne Fama

It looks like pigs will fly with this latest promotion for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! For a limited time, a special distribution of a Flying Tera Type Lechonk will be run at GameStops across the United States.

Latest GameStop Pokémon Promotion Gives “When Pigs Fly” New Meaning

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was released in November 2022 and has dropped a steady stream of content through Tera Raids and gifts ever since. But this latest promotion is here to celebrate the release of the Scarlet & Violet Pokemon Trading Card Set.

Lechonk will be available in GameStop on March 31 through the weekend. To get it, all you need to do is show up at GameStop, where they’ll hand you the code. This code can then be used in the Mystery Gift menu and redeemed at any point before June 30, 2023. And yes, it’s free! No purchase is necessary.

But it shouldn’t be a surprise that March 31 is also the release day of the Scarlet & Violet Trading Card Game Set, which has some truly beautiful cards. If you’d like to see the full setlist, check out the related link below.

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For trainers who are wondering whether any more content will be coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, never fear. Not only do we continue to see a regular influx of Tera Raids, including the recently ended Mighty Decidueye event, but we can expect the release of a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC in the coming months. This DLC featured some brand-new Pokemon, new locations, and even a Legendary.

If you missed the news and want to see these brand new Pokemon for yourself, check out all the ones we know so far here: All New Known DLC Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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