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How to Play Hide N’ Seek in Among Us

Throw social deduction out the window for some good clean chaos

by Daphne Fama

Among Us is one of the best casual games released in years, pitting strangers and friends alike against each other in a game where you either deduce who’s the impostor or die. During The Game Awards 2022, an exciting new update was announced for the game: Hide and Seek.

Taking advantage of Among Us’ new, expansive maps with ample corners and hiding spots, Hide and Seek pits an Impostor against Crewmates. The objectives are straightforward and, for the most part, familiar.

How to Play Hide N’ Seek in Among Us

If you’re a crewmate, your goal is to complete tasks and run down the timer. Completing all of your tasks or surviving the allotted time nets you with a victory. The timer even goes down faster if you complete tasks, which is a great incentive to keep Crewmates moving through the map.

 But if you’re an Impostor, your goal is to hunt down and eliminate all Crewmates.

If this prospect of being hunted by an unstoppable monster terrifies you, don’t worry. As a Crewmate, you’ll have a danger meter at the top left hand of your screen. If it’s empty, the Impostor is far away. If it’s full (and red means they’re really close) and you’re getting loud music, the Impostor is nearby.

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But don’t worry – you can always pop into a vent in case of an emergency. That’s right; finally, the crewmates get to traverse the vents. But don’t expect to camp there. You only get a limited number of vents.

At the end of the game will be Final Hide. During these final moments, the Impostor has a power boost, a special Seek map, and a directional ping to where any remaining survivors are. This is to help balance things, as it can be quite hard to hunt down so many crewmates. Just look at Dead by Daylight.

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