How to Play a Tutorial in Tekken 8

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Tutorial in Tekken 8
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If you’re like me, then Tekken 8 is your first game in the series and you’re going to need a tutorial stat. Even if this isn’t your first entry, this game is known for being one of the toughest fighters, so this guide will cover how you can get training.

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How to Start Tutorials in Tekken 8

You won’t find a mode in Tekken 8 labeled as a tutorial. Instead, Tekken 8 buries its tutorial within other modes. To access Tekken 8’s tutorial and learn more about the game, you’ll want to check out the following modes:

  • Practice Mode.
  • Arcade Quest Mode.

Tekken 8 Practice Mode Tutorial

The quickest way you can start a tutorial in Tekken 8 is by selecting the practice mode in the offline tab of the main menu and then opening the practice settings. When you pick the practice mode in Tekken 8, you get to choose the character you want to learn and any opponent you would like to face off against. The opponent matters if you want to start learning more defensive mechanics.

Tekken 8 Punishment Training Tutorial in practice mode

Once you’re in the practice mode, you can press options/start on a controller, and a complete list of settings will appear. The two most important tutorial settings are Combo Challenges and Punishment Training. Combo Challenges will display some of the best combinations for your chosen characters, and you need to complete them before you can move to the next combo.

Punishment Training is similar to Combo Challenges, but it focuses on ways to counterattack instead of pure offense. These two training tutorials will prepare you for the beginner stages of Tekken 8. However, it’s nowhere near enough to start feeling confident against any opponent online.

Starting a Tutorial in Tekken 8’s Practice Mode:

  • Go to the offline tab in the main menu.
  • Select the practice mode.
  • Choose the characters you want to learn.
  • Open the practice settings and select Combo Challenges.

Your next step is to go back into the practice mode and choose the practice settings so that you can customize how the CPU opponent acts. This is one of the best ways to try out a new character while you have plenty of tutorials at your disposal.

Tekken 8 Arcade Quest Mode Tutorial

If you want a broader Tekken 8 tutorial covering the game’s basics across all characters, you’ll want to check out Arcade Quest. Arcade Quest is a unique story-based mode that attempts to simulate the arcade experience while teaching you how to play the game. You’ll create an avatar, engage in basic tutorial gameplay, and compete against opponents to eventually take on the Tekken Cup Championship.

As you battle CPU opponents in Arcade Quest, its tutorials will teach you about mechanics such as Heat Burst, defensive maneuvers, and combos. Over time, your AI opponents will start learning from your gameplay, adapting to your playstyle to constantly challenge you and force you to sharpen your skills. Additionally, you’ll earn some decent rewards for winning standard matches, including Fight Money, XP, and cosmetic items.

But admittedly, neither Arcade Quest nor Practice Modes makes for a perfect, straightforward Tekken 8 tutorial. In a game like Tekken, you’ll need some outside help. New players can try to rely on the combo challenges, but there are always additional videos online to check out for more information.

One mechanic that you certainly need to learn about is the Heat System. It will follow you into every single round of a fight.

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