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How to Plan Your Diablo 4 Build: Build Calculator

Who likes spreadsheets?

by Lucas White

Diablo IV is still a ways off. But the open beta testing is kicking off very soon, and fans are already looking for ways to get started before they can get started. It’s especially easy to do that kind of speculative work with how transparent Blizzard has been about the game’s mechanics. To that end, there’s already a browser-based tool that can help you pre-plan a character build. It looks a little intimidating, but we can help give you a push with some instructions. So here’s how to use a build calculator to plan your Diablo IV build.

How to Plan Your Diablo 4 Build

The tool we’re going to use is by a player using the online handle Lothrik. Their Diablo IV Build Calculator is hosted on a github page, so all you need to do is load the page up and you can get started without downloading anything. Obviously this tool is a work in progress as things will undoubtedly change in the game itself. But for now, this should help with theorycrafting ahead of hundreds of hours of min/maxing in Diablo IV when it launches. To start, you pick your class of course. Then a massive web of videogame bullshit opens up, and it’s hard to even parse where to start. That’s where we come in:

Find the red circle with the word “Basic” in the middle. This is your starting point, and where you’ll be feeding your first skill points when you’re playing the actual game. In this tool, adding a skill point levels your character up, which is reflected at the top of the page. You can put your mouse cursor over any of the skill boxes to open up descriptive text explaining what everything is. The tool also won’t let you skip down the tree without fulfilling requirements.

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Case in point, the second big circle on the Diablo IV Build Calculator is “Core.” So the chart won’t actually let you add points in that space until you’ve used the required amount of skill points in the Basic area. So as you make your way through you can kind of pace yourself and get a sense of what the build looks like as it develops instead of trying to fill it out all at once.

So yeah, there’s your guide on how to use the Diablo IV Build Calculator to plan your build before Diablo IV drops on June 6, 2023. Assuming it makes that date as planned, of course.

Lucas White

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