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How to Pick Up and Move Items in Starfield

Toss items to your heart's content!

Getting as much loot as you can in Starfield will always be quite helpful since you can sell anything you don’t want later for some easy Credits. It’s one of the best ways to get Credits in Starfield early, and having levels in the Commerce skill only helps this even more. While you might want to grab items, sometimes you want to physically put them somewhere else on the map. Here’s how to pick up and move items in Starfield.

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How to Pick Up an Item in Starfield and Move It

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To pick up an item in Starfield, look at the item you want to pick up and hold either the E key on your keyboard or A button on your controller to pick it up. This will let you hold it and move it around wherever you want. You also no longer need to hold down the button once it is picked up. You only need to hold it to pick it up. To put it back down, just press either of those buttons again and it’ll drop to the ground.

You should be mindful of what items you pick up, though. If the item you’re picking up has a small red symbol next to its name, Mass, and Value while looking at it, Starfield will still consider this stealing. If they see you grab it, this may piss off whatever settlement you’re in. Worse, they may start shooting at you and try to kill you. If you want to do this safely, you’ll need to ensure no one is looking at you when you pick an item up.

How is Picking Up and Moving Items Useful?

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While picking up items can help you set up the perfect camera shot of you’re 27 sandwiches you’re hoarding, there are a few other uses for picking items up. As mentioned above, you can do this to steal items and put them in places where no one could notice you grab them. You could also use a picked-up item to push something more valuable into safety, such as pushing some Credisks into a bucket and carrying them away for safe grabbing.

If you’re looking for more tips regarding the game’s systems, check out our guide on how to target engines in Starfield.

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