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How to Perform a Special Action in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

A secret way to use your weapons that can make things much easier.

by Shawn Robinson

Warhammer 40K: Darktide likes to ensure you have access to plenty of moves to slaughter your opponent. There is of course the primary action to do some basic, easy-to-combo damage. There’s also the secondary action, providing either a slower, more powerful attack or a way to assist a ranged firearm of sorts. There’s one more type of action though, and how you do it can be quite confusing. Here’s how to perform a special action in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

How to Do a Special Attack or Action in Darktide

The special action for weapons can be done by pressing Mouse Button 5 on your mouse, provided your mouse has that function. If your mouse doesn’t have that ability, it’s an easy enough keybinding to change (even if it should’ve been a standard key press by default). To change it to another key, go to the Pause Menu and select Options. From there, click on Keybindings and look for Weapon Special Actions. Then, click on the keybinding, and follow that up by pressing the button you want to replace it with. From there, simply press the new button in-game and the action should perform.

Special actions are incredibly useful, as they provide a different way to use a weapon that might help in the heat of the moment. To give a few examples, let’s look at the Devil’s Claw sword, Lasgun, and Maul and Shield. The Devil’s Claw sword lets you parry with your special action, which acts as a block that lets you automatically follow up with an attack. The Lasgun activates a Torch, which is great for getting better visibility, especially during a Ventilation Purge mission event. Finally, the Maul and Shield special action activates a Defensive Stance, preventing any damage from the front and not costing stamina, but preventing you from moving.

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All weapons and their special actions can be incredibly useful, providing you with utility and possibly even reducing damage taken. Depending on what the special action is, you should do it whenever you can to maximize its usefulness.