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Honkai Star Rail PS5 Technical Test Featured

The wait is not over yet, but it’s almost here! Honkai: Star Rail is coming to PS5 very soon, but before they can officially release the game on another platform, HoYoverse wants to make sure it’s running properly on the console. And that’s why they’re holding a Technical Test for players interested in having a first-hand experience in this version of the game. Find out how you can be one of the testers below.

How to Enter the PS5 Honkai: Star Rail Technical Test

Recruitment runs from August 23 to August 28, 2023, and the official test begins on September 3, 2023. Players can sign up to enter the test through the official Technical Test Recruitment page. Log in with your HoYoverse account (or create one) and click the Sign-up button. You’ll have to answer a few questions before getting access, but these are mostly basic questions to know more about their testing public.

You’ll be informed through email registered in your Hoyolab account if you were one of the lucky winners for the testing period, and you will be able to download the game through your PlayStation account on your console once pre-download begins.

The PlayStation 5 version’s content will be identical to that of other platforms, but performance and other console-specific features will still not be indicative of the final product, as they’re still on testing grounds and subject to changes. More information can be found in the official FAQ for the Technical Test.

Honkai: Star Rail PlayStation 5 Technical Test Rewards

Similar to the game’s initial release, there’s also a pre-registration goal for a limited period. If pre-registrations reach a certain amount, all players across all platforms will get the following prizes through their in-game mail:

  • 100,000 Pre-Registrants: Credit x10000
  • 300,000 Pre-Registrants: Adventure Log x5
  • 500,000 Pre-Registrants: Condensed Aether x5
  • 1,000,000 Pre-Registrants: 4-star Light Cone “The Seriousness of Breakfast (Erudition)”

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Additionally, all players who log in through PS5 for the first time will receive a full 4-star Musketeer of Wild Wheat set as a special reward. It’s quite useful if you’re just starting the game.

The game’s official PS5 release date is not yet confirmed, but we can expect the game to be in the testing period for a good portion of the 1.3 update, if not through it all. Said update will be happening very soon, so you definitely want to get ready for some new content!

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