How to Open Up the Cult Stash at the Cauldron Lake Murder Site in Alan Wake 2

If there's one things cults love, it's puzzles

Bright Falls has a Cult problem, but at least they leave their treasures lying around. Here’s how to open the Cult Stash in Revisit 1: Invitation of Alan Wake 2.

How to Open Up the Cult Stash at the Cauldron Lake Trailer Murder Site

There are a grand total of 22 Cult Stashes littered throughout the game, which contain a variety of treasures. And getting into them requires a little puzzling.

The first Cult Stash you’ll encounter is outside the trailer near the Murder Site.

Interact with it, and you’ll find a lock that requires you to put in the correct three symbols. You can jump to the bottom for the solution or find the solution the natural way.

The cache has a note on it offering three clues:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Take the chicken out of the fridge.
  • Take a nap.

Head inside the trailer, and you’ll find that there’s a variety of symbols scrawled everywhere. But the three symbols we want are:

  • The symbol in the shower in the bathroom. Just look to the left once you’re at the sink.
  • The symbol scrawled on the fridge. This is on the right-side of the fridge, if you’re looking at the fridge’s door.
  • The symbol above the sleeping back in the bedroom. The bedroom is in the far back of the trailer.

Put these symbols in order in the lock (or just look at the screenshot below). The Cult Stash cache will immediately spring open if you’ve done it correctly.

Opening the Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2 will net you one Trauma Pad (an adhesive bandage that restores a good amount of health) and Hand Gun ammo. There’s also a note warning you not to take the goods if you’re not “one of the Trees.” But who’s going to rat us out?

Unfortunately, you won’t see another Cult Stash until Saga’s next chapter. But the rewards from that cache are even better than this one.

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