How to Open Unreachable Chests in Star Ocean The Second Story R

Come on bunny!

Star Ocean Second Story R Unreacheable Chests Featured

When you first visit the open world in Star Ocean the Second Story R, you will quickly notice some treasure chests looking a bit out of place. You cannot reach them on foot no matter what you do, but there’s another simple way to get that hidden loot.

How to Open Unreachable World Map Chests in Star Ocean Second Story R

You need to get the Super Specialty Bunny Call before you can open those faraway chests. Bunny Call is unlocked by having at least two characters with the Familiar ability at Level 4 and one with Scouting at Level 1. You can select the Super Specialty while on the World Map and hope for the bunny to hear your call. There’s no penalty for failing to call for a bunny, and there’s even an achievement if you fail enough times.

Base chances start pretty low, but increase as more characters meet the requirements for Bunny Call and increase the related abilities. Characters with the Love of Animals talent also give an extra boost to Bunny Call’s success rate. If your character has Love of Animals as a possible talent but hasn’t unlocked it naturally yet (Claude is such an example), keep using Familiar with it until it learns said Talent.

Now that you’re riding a big, round bunny, the world is yours to conquer. You can find hidden paths and open the many previously unreachable chests that you couldn’t get at first while riding the bunny, and if you somehow need to hop off, you just need to call for another one. It’s basically a free Uber ride from anywhere but waiting times are random.

There are some hidden items that can only be found while riding the bunny. There are even some Unique Spots that are unreachable without it, so keep your eyes open for those. And make sure to train your whole party for the task of calling for bunnies, unless your favorite part of getting a ride is the waiting.

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