How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Burning Shores

How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Burning Shores

Opening the Pangea Pompeii Door near the end of the Forbidden West's expansion

During the “For His Amusement” quest and somewhere near the end of the exciting story of the hot and fresh Burning Shores expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy will encounter a roadblock on her way to face the main villain Londra in the form of a large locked door. The door is not placed on a real volcano, but on a part of the scenography of the hologram dino park where this villain has made his base. To unlock it, Aloy will need to jump through a few hoops, so let’s find out how to open the Volcano Door in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores!

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How to Open the Volcano Door in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Once you reach the “Volcano door” (in the screenshot below) use your Focus to scan it and learn that in order to open it, you must find a remote control that is located in the Armory building’s security room.

The Armory building will be marked for you on the map, it is near a huge T-Rex hologram. Once you reach it you will encounter, surprise surprise… another locked door! So, to open this one you will need a key that is in the possession of the guard named Fedder. He is located in the Raptor Raid part of the dino park, so head over there, scan all the guards to identify the Fedder, and use stealth to silently kill him and retrieve the key. Or, go in Rambo Aloy style – your choice, just get the key and return to Armory.

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Once you enter the Armory, use Pullscaster to open up the vent and crawl through it. There will be a console in the next room, that you can use to open the “Volcano Door”, but it has no power – the Energy Cell it uses is empty, so you need to procure and install the fresh one. To get a new cell, go back to the room with the vent you came from, and into the corridor where you will notice a broken window. Now this is a tricky part and possibly the reason why you needed to look up this guide in the first place – just take a look at the screenshot below.

Yes, that is the angle you need to be in order to use your Pullcaster on the wall and create an opening leading you to the power cell.

After picking up the Power Cell in the room you entered, after pulling the wall through the window, you’ll have to clear your way in order to get it back to the console where it needs to be inserted. Ignite the Firegleam on the wall that prevents you from you passing, and the path should be cleared.

After you insert the Power Cell into its place and turn on the power, you will be able to unlock the Volcano door – but first, a very interesting cutscene will reveal some more disturbing truths about Mr. Londra – enjoy.

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