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How to Open Locked Drawers with Small Keys in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 can get real spoo-key.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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While there aren’t a ton of locked drawers within Resident Evil 4, you’ll encounter one of them early on if you explore the Village Square before the title even appears. Most of the containers in the area can be opened, but not this locked drawer on the first floor of the village house.

When you attempt to open up the drawer, you’ll be brought to the key screen that’s used to open any locked door in the game. You’ll quickly find out that you need a small key, and of course, you don’t have that just yet. This guide will cover how those keys work in Resident Evil 4 so you can get the loot.

Resident Evil 4 – How to Open Locked Drawers with Small Keys

To open up any of the drawers, you’ll need to find the keys as you explore the game. In total, there are eight different keys that can be used to open up eight of the drawers full of loot. When one of the small keys is used, it’s gone for good, and you’ll have to start looking for more.

Five of the key and locked drawer locations can be found in the village half of the game, and you can always backtrack if you need to. The other three keys and drawers will be found in the castle section of Resident Evil 4. Just be prepared to find drawers before you find keys, which means most of the time you’ll have to turn back.

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Inside most of the locked drawers will be loot that you can sell for a high amount of Pesetas from the vendor. Earning Pesetas isn’t too time-consuming, but having that extra boost for supplies or a new weapon can be a game changer as you reach the castle areas and beyond.

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