How to Open Doghouses in MW3 Zombies

Good demon dog.

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While players can go solo in the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, they do not have to go at it alone. Players can summon a little hell dog to run alongside them and attack enemies, but it requires a few conditions.

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How to Unlock Doghouses in MW3 Zombies

Doghouses can be found all over the Urzikstan map in the Zombie mode but are not initially listed on the map when zoomed out. These burnt-out doghouses will appear on the player’s map and minimap when close by one, though each game will have these in different locations.

These doghouses require an item called Chunk of Flesh for the doghouse to open up and spawn a friendly Hellhound pet, complete with a cute nickname like Biscuit. The Hellhound will stay with the player until the end of the match or when its health has completely drained.

Interact with the doghouse and deposit the Chunk of Flesh into it for the doghouse to bust open and the Hellhound to spawn. Doghouses on the outer low threat zones only require one Chunk of Flesh for the Hellhound, while doghouses in the orange and red zones will require more than one.

Where to Get Chunk of Flesh in MW3 Zombies

A Chunk of Flesh is a blue Rare item that will randomly drop from killing zombie hordes. Players can store it in their inventory, though each will take up an individual slot in the backpack. The item does not stack, so be careful with how many are being saved in case you come across a doghouse.

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