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How to Open a Vault Using a Vault Keycard in Fortnite

Keep your cards close.

While the Weekly Quests may be getting simpler in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, that doesn’t mean they are all getting easier. Week 4 calls for players to open a Vault using a Vault Keycard, and as you might expect, getting to that room full of loot is no walk in the park.

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As is the trend with so many other missions given out each week, this quest is tied to one of the few map objectives that appear as a battle royale match progresses. To ensure you get the Vault Keycard first, we’ll outline the full Vault process in our Fortnite guide.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 – How to Open a Vault Using a Vault Keycard

There is only one way to initially get the Vault Keycard within any given battle royale match. After the first circle close, there will be a Highcard Boss that appears shortly after. When the boss is about to spawn, a rift symbol will appear on your screen and you’ll be able to see the mask symbol with a key on your map.

Only one boss will spawn in each Fortnite match within one of three locations: Shattered Slabs, Brutal Bastion, or Mega City. Like any other PvE boss in the past, you’ll need to take out the Highcard Boss and his minions to earn a bright Vault Keycard. You’ll be led to the Vault right after, which is always at the same POI.

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Other players on the map can see the key moving, along with the location of the Vault, so be careful. This is also a chance for you to steal the key from an enemy. What really matters is making it to the location so you can open a Vault using a Vault Keycard and complete the Week 4 Quest in Fortnite.

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