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How to (Maybe) Beat Malenia in Elden Ring

Git gud? How about git this co-op curb stompin'

by Lucas White

Elden Ring has roughly two and a half bajillion boss fights, and yet I never expected to hear longtime Souls fans call one of them the most difficult boss in any FromSoft joint. But that’s what I’ve seen in reference to Malenia, one of the optional bosses you can find. I beat her fairly easily, but I also fully embraced the co-op and brought in help. So keep that in mind as you read this guide! Our purpose is to get you through it by providing the best tools, but we won’t be helping you take anyone down naked with a parry knife or set of Donkey Konga Bongos for a controller. With that said, here’s how to beat Malenia in Elden Ring. Probably. She’s tough.

This lady is tremendously overpowered, but not impossible. The things you absolutely need to know are the following:

-She has low poise
-She’s super weak to bleed, and somewhat weak to frost
-Every hit that connects heals her, even if you blocked
-Her second phase brings more AoEs and Scarlet Rot

Malenia’s low poise and blood problems are the ticket here. If your poise is high enough you can basically super armor your way through the first fight. She takes significant hit stun, and is susceptible to knockdowns. That said, she will fight back, and her attacks will last longer and reach further than you think they will. If you have a tank build (Hi), you’re gonna have to do more damage than she can heal, while keeping your own stamina up. Ranged is a whole other can of worms, because this boss is fast and will streak across the arena in the blink of an eye. Either way you want to dodge if you can, so do your best to learn when you can do so. We recommend dodging to the side more than towards the boss or backwards.

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You have to take Malenia down all the way to activate the second phase, but her health doesn’t quite fill back up all the way. Not that it matters much, since you’ll be thankful for every little bit of help you can get. I hate to say it, but getting hit at all here is bad news, not only because of her strength, but her liberal application of Scarlet Rot. The biggest new move sees her summon a massive flower, which emits a huge wave of plague dust. It’s scary, but Malenia is also vulnerable for a few seconds once she uses it. If you’re melee you’ll have to brave the Rot to get hits in, but magic characters can take some free damage while she recovers.

And as you may have figured out already, thanks to Malenia’s low poise your tankier Spirit Ashes and co-op summons can be huge assets. Messing with her aggro will open Malenia up way more, which is crucial for non-experts to see the other side of this battle. At this point in Elden Ring’s life, there’ll be plenty of seasoned Tarnished lining up in front of Malenia’s door, so it’s a good opportunity to learn and not get your intestines ripped to shreds on an endless loop.

As far as specific tools are concerned, the Rivers of Blood katana or a blood-attuned melee weapon with Wild Strikes are great, especially for cruising past the first phase. Mimic Tear is a given of course, but Black Knife Tiche can take advantage of that blood and knockdown weakness. A shield with 100 physical guard is also super good, if supported with various Talismans.

Regardless of how you pull it off, if you do, be proud of yourself!

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