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How to Make the Gleaming Gold Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With these ingredients, you might as well make stew...

It’s truly been the golden era for potato lovers in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Blue potatoes, orange potatoes, and now gold potatoes! And, like with other potatoes, you can make a gold potion with a gold potato. Here’s how to make the Gleaming Gold Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Make the Gleaming Gold Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

So, if you want a Gleaming Gold Potion, you’re going to have to follow quite a few steps. Let’s jump ring into it.

First, navigate to the Settings in your menu. Select Help, on the left side of the screen. You’ll enter a new menu which has a place to enter a Redemption Code.

In this blue box, which has a faded Redemption code text in the background, type the following:


Press Claim.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the Gold Potato in your mailbox. Head there and pick it up.

If you check out your inventory, you’ll find that the item is Mysterious Golden Potato. It’s a shiny potato that should probably not be eaten…

Next, you’ll want to go to Dazzle Beach. Head into the Mystical Cave, embedded into the cliff side wall. Once there, head down the stone ramp and make your way towards the bottom. There will be a stone altar. If you get close to it, you’ll see a bunch of ??? pop up.

Go into your inventory and select the Golden Potato to put it on the altar. A Golden Carrot will then spawn behind you. Pick it up.

Our next destination is the Forest of Valor. Once you’re there, head North towards Elsa’s Cave. Enter the cave and you’ll see an ice table right in front of you. Approach it and find the dark stone tablet. Again, you’ll see a few ??? pop up. Select the Golden Carrot from your inventory and place it on the tablet.

The Golden Carrot will vanish, but a Golden Crab will spawn in its place on the floor. Pick up the crab.

Now, if you inspect the Golden Crab in your inventory, you’ll get a hint as to what to do next. The text reads, “A Carrot to a Crab? Who knows what it will turn into next if you find another Transfiguration Stone…”

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I guess that’s what these dark stone tablets are! And the next one is in the Castle, on the top floor. Head to the Castle and enter. Go up the stairwell at the entrance, and at the very top on the right side you’ll find a dark Transfiguration Stone on the railing.

Place the Golden Crab on the stone and it will turn into a Golden Night Thorn. Who could have expected that? This Golden Night Thorn emanates a weird magic. It’s nearing its completion, but we still have on more Transfiguration Stone to find.

Take the Golden Night Thorn to Merlin’s House. Inside his house, you’ll find the last Transfiguration Stone on the table against the right wall. And if you look carefully, you’ll see that Merlin has his book open to a potato. Looks like he’s ahead of us already.

Place the Night Thorn on the stone and you’ll get a Gleaming Gold Potion. If you inspect it, you’ll see that this Gold Potion has the power of the sun to bring warmth to something gone cold.

And that’s the entire quest line. Congratulations. If you’re curious about what to do with the blue potato, check out our guide on how to make the Brilliant Blue Potion here: How to Make the Brilliant Blue Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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