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How to Make Greek Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Don't make it near a sewer hatch, you never know when a turtle might come out lol

by Nikola L

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulator made by Gameloft, which is trending really high right now on all available platforms (Windows, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch). There is a lot of fun stuff that you can do within the game and one of them is meal preparation which offers various benefits to your character. Prima Games covers how you can make your very own Greek Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this guide.

What Are The Ingredients for Greek Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Some players cook in video games just pass a quest that asks you to craft a meal, some do it to sell the finished product and earn the game’s currency, some roleplay as a cook or chef, and some use it as a sort of zen pastime activity. Whatever your “thing” is, Dreamlight Valley allows for it. And one such thing you can make is Greek Pizza.

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Ingredients for the Greek Pizza are:

  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Tomato
  • 1x Cheese
  • 1x Herb
  • 1x Onion

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Where To Get Greek Pizza Ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • Buy Tomato at Dazzle Beach
  • Buy Cheese from Chez Remy
  • Get any herb or spice anywhere (Peaceful Meadow, Forgotten Lands, Forest of Valor, etc.)
  • Pick onions in the Forest of Valor or buy them from Goofy’s stall.

And if you want to make pizza in real life…

When you get all the ingredients, gently spread out the crust, then spread the tomato sauce all over the crust. After that, use a cheese grater to effectively spread the cheese all over the pizza, and put herbs and spices over it.
As a finisher, you will deploy the chopped-up onion to the top and place the pizza within the oven which is pre-heated at between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 250 to 260 degrees Celsius). It should be done in 10 to 15 minutes.
Bon appetite!

You’re welcome.

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you just need to drag the ingredients from your inventory to the stove/oven and be done with it. Much simpler and faster than in real life!

We hope that this guide was helpful. Make sure to check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides under the game tag below!