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How to Make Fish ‘n’ Chips in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Want some mayo on that, too?

by Nikola L
Disney Dreamlight Valley Treasure Hunt Part 2 Quest

Fish ‘n’ Chips is probably one of the most popular meals to come out of England. The fish is fried in crispy batter and served with chips (french fries, fries, finger chips, depending on where you are from). This meal dates back to the 19th century, but the rapid growth of fish and chips shops started in the early-to-mid 20th century. In the US, it retained the name in most of the country, and it is known as “fish fry” in some parts.

If that sounds nothing short of delicious to you, you can also make Fish ‘n’ Chips in Disney Dreamlight Valley too. Here’s everything you need to know about how to cook it.

Ingredients For the Fish ‘n’ Chips Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are four ingredients for the Fish ‘n’ Chips recipe, which means that it is a 4-star dish:

  • 1 x Fish
  • 1 x Potato
  • 1 x Canola
  • 1 x Wheat

If you do not know where to find these ingredients:

  • Potato can be bought in the Forgotten Lands (Goofy’s Stall)
  • Canola can be bought in the Forest of Valor (Goofy’s Stall)
  • Wheat can be bought in the Peaceful Meadow (Goofy’s Stall)
  • Do we really need to tell you where to find a fish?

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When you gather all the necessary ingredients, toss them in the Cooking Pot at the Stove. Make sure to add one piece of Coal to the Stove as well as it needs some fuel to help you prepare this very popular English cuisine specialty.

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That’s about it! For more Disney Dreamlight Valley help, whether it’s with cooking and recipes or quests, click on the DDLV game tag below to go to our archives. Until next time.