How to Make Cake in Palworld – Exact Recipe

You gotta do the cooking by the book. You know you can't be lazy
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Nothing says romance and breeding in Palworld like a slice of cake. Here’s how to make a cake in Palworld.

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How to Make Cake in Palworld – Exact Recipe

Cake can only be made in one way: by gathering five different ingredients and cooking it in your base. It’s a time-consuming process that’s really only worth it’s a required resource to get your Pals to breed. Without cake, they’ll absolutely refuse to create an egg.

To make a cake, you’ll need to unlock the Cooking Pot. To do this, head into your inventory and then tab to the ‘Technology’ menu. The Cooking Pot can be unlocked for one Technology Point once you reach level 17.

Be warned that making a cake in Palworld is very time-consuming. The most efficient way to do this is to use multiple cooking pots at the same time. Make sure all of your base pals only have kindling to keep them focused on the task at hand. You can catch better Pals with better Kindling to make these tasks more efficient as well.

You can also use a Flame Cauldron to improve Kindling efficiency. It unlocks at level 20 in the Technology tree for 50x Ingot, 100x Wood, and 20x Flame Organs.

Once you have the Cooking Pot unlocked, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Flour x 5
  • Red Berries x 8
  • Milk x 7
  • Egg x 8
  • Honey x 2

Now, here’s where the trouble starts.

How to Get Flour in Palworld

So, if you’ve been leveling up your base and following the prescribed missions, it’s possible your base is already producing flour.

But if you haven’t reached that point, you’ll need Wheat Seeds, the ability to create Wheat Plantations, and a Mill.

Wheat Seeds can be dropped by a myriad of Pals (you can see the complete list of all Pal drops here), but some common options are Floppie, Cinnamoth, and Bristla. All three of these Pals can be found near the Hypocrite Hill waypoint.

Once you have Wheat Seeds, you can unlock the Wheat Plantation and the Mill in the Technology Menu at level 15. Plant the Wheat Seeds in the Wheat Plantation, and it will eventually produce Flour. You’ll then need to ferry this flour to the Mill, where you can convert it to flour.

While laying the foundation can be difficult, once you have the pieces in place, it becomes easy.

How to Get Red Berries in Palworld

It’s likely that if you tackled the first mission in your Palworld base, you have hundreds, if not thousands, of Red Berries. But if this isn’t the case, never fear.

Red Berries can be found easily in the wild, especially in the tutorial area near the Plateau of Beginnings waypoint. But it’s a good idea to simply create a Red Berry Plantation.

To get Red Berry Seeds, go to the Small Settlement waypoint and purchase them from the vendor. Once you have them, you can create a Red Berry plantation and begin growing.

How to Get Honey in Palworld

Now, here’s the real stitch. Honey is a product you can’t farm in your base. To that end, you’ll need to hunt insects. Specifically, Cinnamoth, Beegriade, and Elizabee. I opted to set up an entirely new base for breeding near the Mossanda Forest waypoint, as there are multiple mobs of Beegriade and Elizabee to farm Honey from.


Beegardes can also drop honey at the Ranch. Be warned though that you’ll need to cut out every option except the one to graze. To do this, you’ll need to pave over a base entirely, ensuring that no trees or rocks respawn after removing them. Make sure to also do wheat and berry farming in a different base.

Because ranches and Mixed Farms are so large, it’s a good idea to create a secondary base, available once you level up your base at level 10, near these mobs.

Beegriade and Elizabee can drop between two and four Honeys per kill, so farm them whenever you see them.

How to Get Milk in Palworld

Now, you can purchase Milk for 50 Gold in the Small Settlement. There, in one of the cramped huts, a merchant will always have Milk in his inventory. But it’s far better to get at least one Mozzarina. Mozzarina is the only natural source of Milk in Palworld, and it’s a bit of a rare spawn.

To find it, head west, towards the Ravine Entrance and Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster waypoints. It’s in these fields and forests that there’s a chance you’ll run into Mozzarina. Once you’ve hunted down one, you’ll need to set up a Ranch for it, which can be unlocked at level 5 in the Technology menu.

  • Mozzarina
  • Mozzarina location

Once a ranch is in your base, you don’t have to do anything special beyond setting Mozzarina in your base. It will meander over to the Ranch and begin producing milk. But, be wary. If you’re not careful, your Pals may bring that Milk into your food box and start snacking on it.

How to Get Eggs in Palworld

You can find Eggs scattered around on the ground. But like the Milk, it’s better to get them from the source. And in this case, the source is Chikipi. Chikipi is an extremely common Pal which is most often found in the starting areas. Just head back to the Plateau of Beginnings waypoint and you’ll quickly find a few.

Like Milk, you can also buy Eggs at the merchant in the small settlement. This the quickest way to get these materials until your base is good enough to produce them on their own. They also cost 50g each like the Milk.

Once you have Chikipi, add them to your base while you have a Ranch. Like Mozzarina, Chikipi will immediately begin producing Eggs. And because you need quite a few Eggs, it’s not a bad idea to have two or more Chikipi in your ranch.

Once you have that, you’ll just need to compile all the ingredients and start cooking. But be prepared to wait. It takes approximately thirty minutes to cook one cake if your Kindling Pal only has 1 in Kindling. Which means it’s a good idea to combine baking with other activities, or get a better Kindling Pal.  

You can also use a Flame Cauldron to improve Kindling efficiency. It unlocks at level 20 in the Technology tree, and you can craft one for 50x Ingot, 100x Wood, and 20x Flame Organs.

How to Use Cake in Palworld

There are two possible uses for cake in Palworld. You (or your Pals) can eat it, or you can use it to facilitate breeding. If you opt to eat it, you’ll restore 656 hunger and 82 sanity.

But it’s far, far better to use cake to facilitate breeding. To do this, you’ll need to create a Mixed Farm, which is available at level 19 in the Technology Menu. At the entrance of the Mixed Farm will be a wooden crate. Interact with it and then deposit the cake. This will allow whatever breeding pair you’ve put into the Mixed Far to cultivate the right mood to bring a random egg into the world.

A pro tip is to first construct Wooden Boxes before collecting your ingredients. Not only will this expedite the process significantly, but it’ll give your inventory a break. You should put the Wooden Crates by the Wheat Plantation and Ranch. This is to speed up the gathering process and eliminate the distance traveled.

The Wooden Crate unlocks at level 2 in the tech tree. It costs 15x Wood and 5x Stone to make.

A seemingly small task such as baking a cake comes with a lot of labor in Palworld. The better your pals, the more efficient your labor will become. Check out our guide on the best pals to have in your ranch for more tips and tricks.

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