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How to Make an Axe in Tears of the Kingdom

The trees won't cut themselves.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Axe

There are tons of weapons scattered around Hyrule that Link can make use of in Tears of the Kingdom, and each one has its place in a well-kept inventory. The axe is one weapon that has become more important than ever thanks to the Ultrahand mechanic and the need for logs.

Because all of the weapons in Tears of the Kingdom will inevitably break after some use, it is important for players to be able to Fuse simple items for basic tools on the fly. In this guide, we’ll cover how to easily make a new axe for Link to use and what kind of materials are required.

Tears of the Kingdom – How to Craft an Axe

Only two simple items are needed to craft an axe in Tears of the Kingdom. First, you need a base item such as a stick that you’ve chopped down, or a short stick that you have found while exploring. With the one-handed stick out of the way, you need to find a stone as well. Rocks or anything larger will only help to create blunt weapons, so it is important to look for stones instead.

Once you have both items, pick up the stick as a melee weapon and activate the Fuse ability. Fuse the stone on the ground to the stick that Link is holding. Now you have another stone axe ready to go in Tears of the Kingdom. No trees are safe from the structures Link has in mind.

Tears of the Kingdom Axe Recipe:

  • One-handed stick
  • Stone
  • Fuse them together with the stick as the base

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I always try to keep at least one axe in my inventory because of how important they can be at any given time. However, sometimes that extra slot can mean losing a rare item, and I can’t always have that. Times like those lead me to drop the axe and prepare to craft on the fly, which the Fuse ability will help you do.

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