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How to Make a Level 30 Enchanting Table in Minecraft

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by Jordan Lemons

One of the most fun and frustrating mechanics in Minecraft is Enchanting. This can greatly increase the benefits you get from your armor, the durability of your weapons, and the efficiency of your day-to-day activities in Minecraft. My personal favorite Enchantment is Mending since I have a tendency to completely wear down my tools, but Efficiency is a close second. Handy for mining. Here’s how to make a level 30 Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

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What is an Enchanting Table Used For in Minecraft?

The Enchanting Table has been a staple in Minecraft for years and is used to give armor, tools, and weapons a boost that can vary depending on what item you’re enchanting. It’s a bit of a late-stage item since it requires both Diamond and Obsidian, but is imperative to handling large enemies when it comes to the bosses that exist in Minecraft.

Enchanting Table Recipe

The recipe for the table requires Obsidian, Diamond, and a Book. Not impossible, but certainly taxing. Obsidian can’t be mined until you have three Diamonds (for the pickaxe), and then you’ll need two more in order to make a table.

Books can be their own type of difficult, but you can make it easier on yourself by starting a Sugarcane Farm or by finding nearby Villages. You’ll have a good chance of finding a Librarian’s House which will be supplied with Bookshelves. An item that will certainly come in handy later when leveling up your Enchanting Table. Breaking these items, however, will drop Planks and Books, which will at least get you a head start on your Table. But save the Bookshelves until you can pick up a Silk Touch, it’ll save you some effort when building your Enchanting Room.

The Recipe itself involves placing three Obsidian Blocks along the lowest or third row of the Crafting Table. Another Obsidian Block is meant to be placed in the middle of the second row, or the center of the Crafting Table’s 3×3 square space. You can then place your two Diamonds on either side of the Block in the second row. Last is the Book that’ll represent that Enchanted Book you see on your Enchanting Table. Its place goes in the middle of the top row like the crowning cherry on a sundae.

Best Way to Get the Most of Your Enchanting Table

Enchantments are a funny business. You get the best types and combinations when you gain access to Level 30, but some of the specific ones are best when you’re only using one or two levels to get.

Aqua Affinity, for example, is a useful Enchantment for equipping on a helmet, but it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get it on your armor. It’s cheaper for Levels to get specific Enchantments on Books so that you can use an Anvil to combine the Enchantments onto your Armor. You can even use a method of combining your Enchantments onto one book, then applying that Book with the multiple Enchantments onto an armor piece or weapon.

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But for achieving Level 30, you’ll need 15 Bookshelves all surrounding the Enchanting Table so that it increases your chances of getting better Enchantments on your item.

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