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How to Locate Downed Interceptors in No Man’s Sky

Intercept yourself a new ship.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Interceptor No Man's Sky

The Interceptors, otherwise known as update 4.2, has gone live in No Man’s Sky, and now there is a brand new type of ship for players to start collecting. Before stealing one of these ships though, they need to be located within any given system that has the Sentinel presence.

Considering the majority of the Interceptors systems are based on procedural generation, just like much of the game already, location can be tough. But there are also multiple methods that we can go over in our No Man’s Sky guide and we’ll outline them all so you can try them out in the latest update.

No Man’s Sky – How to Locate Downed Interceptors

Sentinel Interceptors are typically enemies by default and they can cause more than a few headaches. Downed Interceptors are the versions of those ships that you want for your collection. You’ll need a designated location of a downed ship before you pursue, and you can find all the ways to pull this off below.

Locating Downed Interceptors:

  • Destroy a Sentinal Capital ship, and watch out for the five stars you can gain against them.
  • Encounter and defeat updated Sentinel Enemies on planets.
  • Search abandoned encampments as part of update 4.2 in No Man’s Sky.
  • Complete bespoke story encounters within the universe for Downed Interceptor information as a reward.

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Remember that there are plenty of different Downed Interceptor ships that you can find thanks to the procedural generation. According to the blog post, there should be hundreds of combinations to keep them fresh, so good luck hunting for the one you like in No Man’s Sky.

That’s all there is. For more news, guides, and updates on the survival game, check out the dedicated No Man’s Sky section of our site.

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