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How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring

Power gamers will yell at you for summoning then kill one baddie over and over for hours

by Lucas White

We all know Elden Ring is hard. Now, while some of us may take the long path to i-frame expertise, others are gonna grind it out. And after a while it takes a loooot of Runes to make those stats go up. Luckily, just like every other part of the game, grinding levels is nice and exploitable. Many different methods have come and gone since launch, but for now here’s the best way to level up fast in Elden Ring.

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First, you need to get around halfway through the White-Faced Varres quest. So you’ll have to get a bit strong on your own before pursuing this is a good idea. I’ll link our guide above for instructions! Your goal for now is to get the Pureblood Knight’s Medal and use it to teleport to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. Now the fun part can start.

Chances are if you need this guide, you are not equipped to navigate this area at all. Unfortunately, you also need to head in the direction of a giant, blue ghost skeleton. There isn’t a ton of room for error, but from where you land after the teleport, about face and run for your life. On your horse, preferably. You need to book it to a specific Site of Grace, and the route is sort of fish hook shaped. Here’s a video:

As you can see, you ran past lots of sleeping enemies right before the checkpoint. What you could do is beat these guys up over and over again since they’re easy to bamboozle, and you get around 2,000 Runes a pop. If you have a bow, though, you can do something even wackier. Observe:

All you have to do is get on that ledge, aim roughly between the sad tree and the dead tree, and wait until whatever that godless abomination is to reach the end of its patrol. Bounce an arrow on its face and wait for a sec. If it starts to run like it’s gonna fly at you, then you’ve succeeded. You’ll earn well over 10,000 Runes. And if you have the Golden Scarab talisman you’ll earn a little over 13. Even more if you pop one of those Golden Fowl Foot consumables.

Since the Site of Grace is right there, you can run back and forth to do this over and over again, as long as you feel like it or have arrows. You don’t even have to wait long enough to watch the creature fall before resting; it’s just funnier that way.

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