How to Leave Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sometimes it's nice to see old friends in Dreamlight Valley again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Leave Eternity Isle
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After arriving in DDLV Rift in Time’s Eternity Isle area, you’ll unlock new characters, quests, and resources. However, it’s nice to revisit Dreamlight Valley occasionally, so it’s important to learn how to leave Eternity Isle and travel between the two regions.

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How to Leave Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The two main ways to leave Eternity Isle are to fast-travel through the map screen or use the ancient vessel to return to Dream Castle’s Stardust Port. While fast-traveling lets you teleport to any repaired wishing well in Dreamlight Valley and Eternity Isle, the boat is a solid alternative if you don’t have many wells unlocked.

If you want to use the ancient vessel to return to Dreamlight Valley, head to Eternity Isle’s docks area to find the boat at the end of the southern dock. Taking the boat brings you back to Stardust Port, where you can head back into Dream Castle and teleport around the rest of Dreamlight Valley.

The quicker option is to head into your map and use the fast-travel menu to teleport wherever you want. If you have an area and its wishing well repaired, you can go anywhere in Eternity Isle, Dreamlight Valley, and character realms through this menu.

Similarly, if you’re in Dreamlight Valley and want to return to Eternity Isle, you can use the ancient vessel in Dream Castle or fast-travel to a wishing well. Fast traveling is the quicker option of the two, as it doesn’t require you to go back to Dream Castle and take the boat to the island.

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