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How to Learn New Recipes in Tears of the Kingdom

At least Link can remember them.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Tears of the Kingdom Recipes

Recipes are an integral part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom if you want Link to stay alive long enough on his adventure or have some extra buffs to make it a little easier. Whether you need the buffs to explore tough areas or to take on some dangerous enemies, knowing recipes will make a big difference.

Breath of the Wild also had recipes for food and elixirs, but they couldn’t be memorized by Link, so it was on the player to remember the ingredients needed. Tears of the Kingdom handles learning new things a bit differently, and we’ll cover how the recipes work in this guide.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – How to Learn and Use New Recipes

The sequel to Breath of the Wild is all about experimenting and getting creative with the world around Link, so of course any kind of crafting or cooking system would follow the same rules. Tears of the Kingdom is not a standard RPG, and that means there is no gate to learning recipes. As soon as the game begins, you technically have access to every recipe within the game.

However, you have to experiment with ingredients and a cooking pot to yield some decent results. When I found the first cooking pot, I threw some raw meat and peppers into the pot to learn a new recipe. Either test out the ingredients you have or look for more recipes outside of the game. Either way, Link has to learn them on his own in Tears of the Kingdom.

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The best news is that any recipes you discover as you cook or make elixirs will be remembered. That means you can select an ingredient, and if you have a recipe tied to it, you can see the other ingredients required. It’s not the same as learning new ones, but it will certainly help you in Tears of the Kingdom.

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