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Despite various delays and other problems, the Skull and Bones Closed Beta is finally here! You can join your pirate crew and have an early peek at this upcoming sea-traveling experience by signing up to be a part of the testing period, ranging from August 25 to August 28. Take a look at the steps needed to enter the Closed Beta right now.

How to Get Access to the Skull and Bones Closed Beta

You can join the PC Closed Beta through various methods: By registering on Ubisoft’s official Skull and Bones website, by winning a key through their official Beta streams on Twitch, or by being invited by a friend. Here’s some more detailed info on those.

1 – Closed Beta Registering

Enter the Skull and Bones Closed Beta page and scroll down all the way up to the yellow banner with the big “Register Now” sign. Click “Register” and log in with your Ubisoft account (or create one, if you don’t have it). Wait a few more seconds, and there you have it! You’re not guaranteed access to the Closed Beta, but you’ll be informed through email if you were selected for the testing period.

Skull and Bones Beta Register
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2 – Official Ubisoft Streams

Tune in to any of the official Ubisoft Skull and Bones Closed Beta Streams on Twitch and you might be lucky enough to get a key. Whenever the clock in the upper right corner reaches zero, a key giveaway will start. Type “#giveaway” and you might be randomly selected as a key winner, letting you enjoy this free trial period for the game during the whole weekend.

Skull and Bones Beta Streams
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Make sure to uncheck the “Block Whispers from Strangers” option in your Twitch account Settings > Security and Privacy, as the key will be whispered to you by one of the mods. You can block whispers again once the giveaways are over or when you finally get your key.

3 – Friend Invite

Players with Closed Beta access can invite up to two friends to the test with them. If you were selected for the beta, check your confirmation email and select “Invite Friends”, then select Invite on your friend’s name in the Ubisoft Connect friends list to offer them access to the game.

Only the PC version will have a Closed Beta period for now, and your progress won’t be carried over to the official release, so be warned! 

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