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The Pokemon Sleep Beta is live, and now you too can motivate yourself to get more sleep during the night in the name of in-game progress. I naturally applaud and approve of this game since this society seems to be way too sleep-deprived, and games like these should serve as a great encouragement for both youngsters and adults to get their eight hours of sleep. If you want to attempt to join the Pokemon Sleep Beta, I’ll be glad to show you how you can do that.

How to Sign Up for the Pokemon Sleep Beta Test

The open Beta test for Pokemon Sleep is now available, but it’s sadly very, very limited, and the official Tweet below clarifies why:

So, if you are from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela, Panama, and Peru, you can join by clicking the link:

The link will lead you to the Google Play Store. On there, you should click “Become a Tester”. If you are not from the countries listed above, you will have a “Pre-Register” option which would allow you to automatically download the game when it becomes available for everyone in a matter of weeks.

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Can you Enter Pokemon Sleep Beta With a VPN Workaround?

I have tried just now to “hack” my way into Pokemon Sleep Beta by connecting to a VPN in Canada and then trying to search for Pokemon Sleep in Google Play Store. I still got the “Pre-Register” option, but there could still be a workaround. In Google Play Store Settings, you can attempt to change your home country, but Google requires you to add a payment method from the said country to “confirm” that you have physically moved to the country you want to “represent”. In the end, it might not be worth the hassle, since Pokemon Sleep is coming out in just a few weeks.

Elite Trainer Kenway, a Pokemon YT personality, posted this song in the comments on YouTube, which you might find amusing, along with the other comments that call for competitive sleep meta tier lists, etc:

I wanna sleep the very best

Like no one ever slept

To snooze hard is my real test

To be well rested is my cause

I will travel to my bed

Sleeping under the fan

Each sleepy style to understand

The dreams that are inside


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