How to Join the Minecraft Trails and Tales Event

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Minecraft Trails & Tales Enter

Celebrating the arrival of the 1.20 update, Minecraft is hosting a special event named Trails and Tales which consists of a unique, temporary event map made by Hive in Bedrock Edition, where players can enjoy all of the newly added features of this long-awaited Minecraft update.

With limited availability, one must be quick to visit the map whenever it’s up since you’ll be locked out of it in the following days. And we don’t know if it will be back up later, so don’t miss your chance.

How to Participate in the Minecraft Trails and Tales Event Map

The celebrative Trails and Tales event map was available from 10 am PST Friday, June 23, up until 10 pm PST Sunday, June 25, and players cannot enter it again since then. This was a one-weekend experience celebrating the 1.20 update, but it’s now unavailable. Here’s a brief description of what you could find in it:

“Ride a blocky rollercoaster around an epic map created by The Hive, and get a birds-eye view of everything you can do! There are three sprawling sections for you to explore, from a serene Cherry Grove with a winding river, to the Camel Canyon, and The Lost World which is filled with my favorite new mob: the sniffer.”

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But while it was available, you could join it by clicking the special icon in the Minecraft Launcher. The server is only available for Bedrock, so you wouldn’t be able to join on Java if you’re a PC gamer. Consoles and Android versions all run on Bedrock natively, so they don’t have any issues with that.

Will the Trails and Tales Event Return to Minecraft?

As mentioned before, there’s no known date for the map to come back. Considering it was only available recently to celebrate the most recent update, it’s very likely that it won’t be back so soon, but don’t lose hope just yet. We never know when Mojang will surprise us with a surprise rerun for the map. In the meantime, you might want to explore the map and discover how different Armor Trims are now in 1.20. Quite a few changes to see here!

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