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How to Join an Alliance in Sea of Thieves

Ahoy, Me Hearties!

by Nikola L

Alliances are a useful way to temporarily group up with other players you find on the open seas. In this article, we’ll do our best to explain all the specifics and benefits of forming an Alliance. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Form an Alliance in Sea of Thieves

An Alliance is a mechanic that allows different ships on a server to share the rewards from sold treasure chests (the crew that sells them gets the usual reward, and the other crews that are the members of the Alliance get 50% of the gold value as a bonus, nothing is taken away from the original crew) and allows them to see each other on the map. Exceptions to the shared rewards are Reaper’s Chests and Broken Emissary Flags.

Forming an Alliance is a simple task, just follow these steps:

  1. Climb the crow’s nest on your ship and interact with the flag box that’s located up there.
  2. Move onto the next tab where you will find the Alliance flags.
  3. From there, you need to select the “Offer Alliance” pennant.
  4. Now, you just need to come close to another ship that has the same “Offer Alliance” pennant raised as well.
  5. The next step is to change your pennant to the “Join Alliance” setting.
  6. Congratulations! An Alliance between the two ships has now been successfully formed.

In order to accept another ship into your Alliance, the third (4th, 5th, and so forth…) needs to use the pennants to signal a request to join.

Please be mindful that it does not turn off friendly fire – you can still damage your allies (un)intentionally with guns, cannonballs, and melee weapons! In addition to that, when you leave the server (game session), the Alliance is automatically dissolved and does not carry on in your future encounters with the people you were once allied with.

You can leave the alliance by scaling your mast and choosing the “Leave Alliance” pennant. You will see a status message on your screen that confirms that it has been disbanded.

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