How to Join a Friend in Saints Row Co-Op

Truly unleash carnage with co-op

The newest entry for the Saints Row series is out now and there are plenty of things to do. However, like they say, things are always better with friends, and that is certainly the case with this game. Fortunately, it features co-op and there are a few ways you can access it.

Begin a New Saints Row Campaign in Co-Op

The first and most straightforward way of playing with someone else in Saints Row is beginning the campaign mode together. Right out of the gate you are given the option to start the main story alongside someone else. To do so, select the “Co-Op Campaign” option from the main menu, host a new game, then immediately invite your friend. Conversely, your friend can do that and invite you. After you both create your characters, you’re ready to go.

Start a Co-Op Session from a Single-Player Save

Luckily, you can also use an established single-player save to co-op with other people. If you would like to do that, pick the save file you wish to use and load it up. Then, pause the game and select “Co-op options.” After that, hit “Invite Friend” and then choose the name of the friend you’d like to invite.

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It should be noted to unlock the feature to drop in and drop out, you do need to finish the second mission in the campaign, “Making Rent.” Completing that mission not only unlocks co-op as a whole but gives you other options to use with it. For example, you can make a public game session for anyone to join, as well as a private session, or turn friendly fire on. Saints Row also tracks mission progress for players involved in co-op sessions, meaning if you complete a mission in someone else’s game, you won’t have to do it on your own, saving you time and trouble.

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