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How to Install Metal: Hellsinger Mods

Metal: Hellsinger but with K-Pop... We love it.

by Nikola L

The community has asked and The Outsiders have listened! Metal: Hellsinger can now be modded, and you can add your own songs on PC using mods. If you get tired of the Original Soundtrack, you could always click some heads along to some meme music, hip-hop, classic music, jazz, K-Pop, dubstep, drum and bass, deep house, or whatever else you’re into.

Metal: Hellsinger is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, but sadly, due to technical limitations, it is not possible to mod the game’s music on consoles right now. Boo! Here’s how to install mods on PC, though.

How to Add Your Music to Metal: Hellsinger

Adding your music is a somewhat lengthy process, but it is worth doing if you’re really interested in playing to your own beats. However, we need to note that the game will only “tolerate” songs that have a constant BPM due to the way it is coded.

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  1. Purchase and install the game on Steam. You can also do this with the demo and the Game Pass version.
  2. Download FMOD Studio (2.00.08 or newer) which is a required tool to convert your songs and add them to the game. Try to get a lossless quality file (.wav or .flac, avoid .mp3s if you can).
  3. Download Metal: Hellsinger Modding Package (around 400 MB)
  4. Download the Official PDF Tutorial for Metal: Hellsinger modding. It provides all of the relevant details necessary for this process. It’s very thorough so take the time to grasp all the specifics, because it will no doubt be complicated the first time you do it.

Funcom also has an official YouTube tutorial which we’ve embedded below if that’s easier for you to follow:

Good luck with your modding!