How to Increase Your Mass Capacity in Starfield

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Carefully managing how many things you can carry is always a difficult task in Starfield, especially in the early game. You’ll easily find yourself reaching your Mass limit often if you’re not careful and/or if you enjoy picking up random loot. Fortunately, it’s also quite easy to increase your maximum capacity, and here’s what you need to do for that.

How to Increase Your Maximum Mass Limit in Starfield

You can increase your Mass Capacity by unlocking and upgrading your Weight Lifting skill, found in the Physical Skill Tree with a dumbbell icon in it. If you have a Homesteader or a Longhauler background, you already begin the game with its first level unlocked. Otherwise, you’ll need to increase it periodically as you level up.

Each Skill in Starfield has a small challenge attached to it before you can rank it up again. Weight Lifting requires you to walk a certain amount of meters with at least 75% of your current Mass Capacity occupied, which is quite easy to do. Just grab a few items from your Ship Cargo Hold and start walking around any planet until you get a notification indicating that the challenge is complete.

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Each Weight Lifting level will increase your maximum carrying capacity by a certain amount. When you reach Rank 4, you also get 50% extra resistance against stagger as a bonus, so it’s more than a mere convenience and does have another usage in battle.

If you haven’t learned this useful skill just yet, you can keep your items stored in the Cargo Hold. As soon as you reach New Atlantis, you can also start selling some of your heavier miscellaneous items in a shop to start making some extra space. You get a few credits out of that, so hoarding wasn’t useless after all!

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