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How to Increase Healing Charges in Nine Sols

Smoking saves?

Nine Sols takes the best parts of Hollow Knight and Sekiro to create a highly challenging and memorable action experience. Healing in Nine Sols is fairly important, and as you progress you’ll improve the efficiency and quantity of how much you can heal. Here is how you can increase the healing charges in Nine Sols to stay alive longer.

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Increase Healing Charges in Nine Sols

To increase the number of healing charges available for Yi, you need to create a Pipe Vial at the 3D printer at the Four Seasons Pavilion or find the vial in chests in the game world.

Each Pipe Vial will add another healing charge available to Yi. The first one costs 1000 Jin, and the price goes up with each purchase. You can interact with the 3D printer on the first floor of the Four Seasons Pavilion on the right side.

Increase the Healing Potency of the Pipe

After you defeat the first major boss in Nine Sols, Kaufu will be available to interact with in the Four Seasons Pavilion who can modify and improve your equipment.

Since Yi heals using his Pipe, Kaufu can upgrade that at the cost of 800 Jin, and a Herb Catalyst. The price to upgrade the Pipe does not increase, but you still need a Herb Catalyst for each upgrade. This can be found in the game world, and for beating certain bosses.

In addition to these upgrades, there are also different skills you can unlock that improve Yi’s healing capabilities.

Yi’s journey is a treacherous one, and knowing how to parry will often be the deciding factor of success, especially against its brutal bosses. Make sure to check out our dedication section for Nine Sols to read more tips, and how you can improve your PC experience, particularly for ultrawide users.

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