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While you make your way through the world of Starfield, you’re likely to upgrade your ship to ensure it has all the right parts for the job. You might improve the weapons so enemies stop being so spongy, or improve the engines to ensure you can evade attacks more easily. One such way to upgrade your ship is how far you can Grav Jump, though how you do so can be confusing. Here’s how to increase the Grav Jump range of your ship in Starfield.

How to Grav Jump Further in Your Ship in Starfield

Starfield Fuel Tank
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To increase the Grav Jump range of your ship in Starfield, you’ll need to improve its total fuel or your fuel efficiency. For increasing your total fuel, you’ll want to get a better Fuel Tank (or multiple Fuel Tanks) on your ship. Make your way to your nearest Ship Services Technician and choose the dialogue option “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”. From there, select your ship and open up the Ship Builder using the listed key in the bottom right of your screen.

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Once you have the Ship Builder open, press the Add key and navigate to the Fuel Tank tab. Here, you’ll want to select the Fuel Tank with the highest amount of Grav Jump fuel. In my example, I’ve chosen the Titan 550 He3 Tank, which offers 160 Fuel. It’s the best I can get for the levels of skills I have and gets the job done. If you want to increase your Fuel Tank options, you’ll want to invest in the Starship Design skill, located under the Tech tree. The higher your level, the more options available for you.

Starfield Grav Drive
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If you can’t upgrade your Fuel Tank any further but need more range, you can also upgrade your Grav Drive. This will increase the Grav Jump Thrust, which directly affects the range of your Grav Jump. Due to the way my ship is designed, I’ve gone with the RD-2000 Beta Grav Drive.

Can You Increase Your Grav Jump Range Through Skills?

You can increase your Grav Jump range through skills. Under the Science tree is the Astrodynamics skill, which increases the range of your Grav Jump at level 1 and level 3. You can also reduce the fuel cost of Grav Jumps by 15% at level 2 and 50% at level 4.

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