How to Increase Carry Weight with Console Commands in Starfield

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Carry Weight Starfield
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Carry weight is low by default when you begin your Starfield adventure, and you can quickly run out of space to hold all your junk. If you don’t feel like waiting to upgrade your total carry mass, or you want to conserve some of your skill points, I can tell you how to use a simple console command to increase your space in Starfield.

What is the Console Command to Increase Carry Weight in Starfield?

To increase your carry weight in Starfield with a console command, open up the console with the tilde “`” key and then type “player.modav carryweight x” on the first line. The X can be any number you want, so feel free to increase your total mass to 100,000 or even just 100 for a tame version of the increase.

the carry weight number is unlimited (Screenshot by Prima Games).

Keep in mind that when you use one of these console commands in Starfield, the achievements will be turned off. Any major commands that alter the gameplay will act as mods that cancel out those milestones of Steam or the Microsoft store. There are mods you can download to keep achievements active with console commands though.

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The console itself is only available on PC, so you won’t be able to type the carry weight line into an Xbox. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you have your Xbox save connected to a PC version of Starfield, then you can make use of cross saves. Just enter the “player.modav carryweight X” command and then save the game. From there, head back to your Xbox save and you should have the mass you want.

Of course, you can always just go the standard route and upgrade your carry weight in Starfield with Skill Points, armor perks, or through your ship’s cargo storage. It really comes down to how you value your time in space.

If you don’t want to rely on the console command, check out our guide on how to increase Mass Capacity in Starfield.

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