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How to Identify Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

No Book of Cain needed.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Identify Gear Hogwarts

Gear can be found all over the place in Hogwarts Legacy, and the further in the game players get, the more convoluted the gear system becomes. With enough exploration and questing you’ll eventually come across unidentified gear that has a question mark over it.

Unidentified gear can be found for nearly every clothing slot in Hogwarts Legacy and they are typically large boosts to offense or defense once they are identified. Wizards and Witches will need the right tools to uncover what gear they have though. This guide will go over everything you need to identify gear on your own.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Identify Gear

To start taking advantage of these rare finds, you’ll need a specialized desk called a Desk of Description. These can only be found in one place, which is the Room of Requirement. This room is unlocked by completing the “The Room of Requirement” quest of the same name in Hogwarts Legacy.

Players can conjure furniture in the room and one of the first items that appear in the Desk of Description. Professor Weasley will introduce you to the desk and using it is simple. Simply press Square/X or the interact button on PC when you’re in front of the desk to identify gear. Any unidentified gear in your inventory will be uncovered and can finally be equipped.

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When there is no gear to identify in your inventory, there is simply nothing to offer the desk because it has no other purpose. Once you have more gear that you need uncovered, simply use the Floo Flame to return to the Room of Requirement. Make sure you don’t run out of room in your inventory and return when you can in Hogwarts Legacy.

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