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How to Help the Trapped Worker in The Callisto Protocol

Did you think there could be kindness on Callisto?

by Daphne Fama

Pilot Jacob Lee has only one mission: get the hell off this planet. The Callisto Protocol is December’s most blood-soaked release, in which Jacob is forced to tramp through the Black Iron Prison, facing countless enemies in a bid for survival. It’s a game that has been touted by its developers as being both brutal and visceral, forcing players to face all manner of horrors. But despite this, players are deadset in being kind where they can. After all, helping those in need has had benefits in horror games in the past. Just look at the dog in Resident Evil 4.

How to Help the Trapped Worker in The Callisto Protocol

In Chapter 5: Lost, Jacob finds himself on Callisto’s hostile, ice-entrenched surface. Heading through the snowstorm, Jacob will find Elias and a gate into the next area. Passing through it, you’ll find a variety of frozen outposts. Work your way through them, and you’ll encounter the snow-encrusted biophages that have already adapted to the frozen environment.

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Cross the bridge, then dispatch the enemy that will try to kill you. Open the gate and you’ll enter into a new area with outposts. This is where you can find Officer Wayne. Officer Wayne will request that you pry open the door of the building he’s in. If you do, Wayne promises that he can get you through the access tunnels and inside the Snowcat garage.

Look around, and you’ll soon be assaulted by biophages. Dispatch them and continue searching. As you do, you’ll hear Officer Wayne start screaming as he’s assaulted by a biophage. There’s nothing you can do, as you haven’t found a way to enter the building yet. Plus, there’s a very decent chance a biophage is trying to rip your head off.

Head to the building that Wayne was in and now the door is conveniently open. Wayne will be inside. You might be tempted to restart your checkpoint and complete the brawl with the biophages over, assuming that this was a time-based challenge. It is not. Officer Way, or the trapped worker, cannot be saved. Now, like your “friend” waiting for you at the hangar, you’ll need to harvest his implant to learn what he knew.

Players are unlikely happy to know that there’s nothing that can be done to change the fate of Officer Wayne. But this death suits The Callisto Protocol’s bleak and linear plot design.

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