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How to Heal Burns in Starfield

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You can be affected by various afflictions while playing Starfield. One of them is Burns, which will affect your performance in physical combat, as well as being a pesky notification on your screen constantly. And if you’ve been afflicted with it during your last trip, here’s how you can quickly remove this annoying condition in Starfield.

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How to Remove Burns Status in Starfield

Burns can be healed in two ways: by using the proper healing item or by visiting a Med Bay. Both of these methods can be achieved as soon as you step into New Atlantis. The proper healing item for Burns is the Heal Paste, easily found in the Jemison Mercantile shop for the low price of 80 Credits. After landing on New Atlantis, turn left and keep heading straight until you find the store.  

Heal Burns Starfield Merchant
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But if you prefer having manual treatment, take the elevator to The Well right next to the store. Once you’re here, walk straight until you reach the stairs, but take the left path to immediately see the Med Bay clinic. 

Heal Burns Starfield Doctor
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The doctor here can completely restore your health, as well as remove any affliction you may have for a certain price. She also sells Heal Paste and other medicine for various other negative status, so buying the Paste is usually cheaper than paying for the full treatment. If you’re low on health too, just sleep for a bit in your ship. 

Burns can be obtained by walking for too long in high-temperature environments. You’re more susceptible to a burn if you’re lacking a spacesuit or if yours is in bad shape. So keep your space gear on at all times when exploring those dangerous regions to avoid having another unpleasant moment with the local doctors.

Make sure to pack up before entering these nasty environments. Take a look at where you can get Adhesives. 

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