How to Get WoW’s Brewfest Mounts (2023)

Take a ride on some ancient history.

A snowy scene of the World of Warcraft Brewfest event, which takes place outside Ironforge City. Tents and fences surround players and NPCs as they engage in festivities.

Brewfest is in full swing, and it’s had a little bit of a face-lift. With new quests, rewards, and activities to participate in, there’s plenty to enjoy (if you’ve got a taste for it, of course). But I think I know what every WoW player truly wants: more mounts. Whether you collect them for collection sake or want to mix up your riding style a bit, two mounts will be earned until the end of Brewfest on October 6.

How to Get the Great Brewfest Kodo and Swift Brewfest Ram

To get these mounts, queue for Coren Direbrew using the Group Finder, and open the Epic Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest. They both have a drop chance of about 3%, so if you want to maximize your chances, make multiple attempts a day using alternate characters. You can only take a shot at the mounts from the Epic (purple-titled) chest, which is available once per day, per character.

As seen above (images via Wowhead), these are.. kind of old mounts. They lack the poly count and texture detail of some of the games’ newer offerings, but I think it gives them a kind of nostalgic charm. After all, what’s more interesting than riding on a piece of ancient history?

There are a few other rewards to be earned from Direbrew, including a Dragonriding armor for your Renewed Protodrake, but it only drops once per day per account (not per character!). You’ll also be earning trinkets and the stylish Tankard O’ Terror for your efforts.

If you’re keen on learning what’s new to Brewfest this year (spoiler: it’s not these mounts), check out our Brewfest 2023 guide! Up next: Hallow’s End!

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