How to Get Werewolf Companions in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 Wolves
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For both the Druid and the Necromancer, some of their best builds involve having a few friends to help you out along the way. That could be the Golem in the Necromancer’s Book of the Dead, which under a certain preset can taunt nearby enemies, or it could be the Druid’s Poison Creeper, which immobilizes all nearby enemies. On the Druid’s side of things, one pet has a unique interaction that many might miss. Here’s how to get Werewolf Companions in Diablo 4.

How to Get Werewolves as Pets in Diablo 4

To get Werewolf companions in Diablo 4, you must first have Wolves as pets. To get them, you’ll want to put at least one point into the Wolves Companion Skill found in the fourth set of Skills on your Skill Tree. Once you have a point in it, use the Skill Assignment menu to assign a slot to your Wolves. This will allow you to use the ability to have those Wolves bite a single target for some nice damage.

Now for the good stuff. To transform your Wolves into Werewolves, you’ll need to get the Aspect of the Alpha. This Aspect sadly can’t be earned through completing a certain dungeon, and instead must be found on a piece of Legendary gear. Besides turning your Wolves into Werewolves, the Aspect causes those Werewolves to deal 75-100% increased damage (depending on the Aspect’s roll) along with spreading the Rabies skill. If you’re going with a companion-based build, Aspect of the Alpha is the Aspect to take.

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While you’re at it, there are a few other Aspects you should consider. Aspect of the Stampede gives you one additional Companion, along with increasing Companion damage. Aspect of the Wildrage also causes the Bestial Rampage key passive to give Companions its bonus. All of this together should make for some beefy friends.

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