How to Get Viewership Awards for Overwatch League

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The Overwatch League’s Grand Finals are tonight, which it’s means it’s your last chance to get those sweet viewership rewards! From the comfort of your couch, bed, or even commute, you can be getting some pretty decent rewards just for watching your favorite pros play. And with the stakes so high, tonight’s games are guaranteed to be some of the best so far. Here’s how to get Viewership Awards for the Overwatch League.

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How to Get Viewership Awards for the Overwatch League

Here’s how it works: for every hour that you watch the Overwatch League through a registered platform, you’ll receive 5 League Tokens. League Tokens are currency used in the Overwatch League shop, which offers a variety of skins. Some of these skins are unique, like Genji’s Happi skin, or Mercy’s Royal Knight, while others offer skins for every hero, but in your favorite team’s colors.

A unique skin for a specific hero, like Genji or Mercy, will cost 300 League Tokens. A skin that has the color of your favorite team will cost 150 League Tokens. While this can seem steep, the Playoffs will be offering x2 League Tokens for every hour watched.

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So, instead of receiving 5 League Tokens, you’ll get 10. Tonight’s two games will run until midnight. Meaning you have the opportunity to net yourself 40 League Tokens tonight.

But don’t worry if you missed the Grand Finals! There will be other opportunities to get those League Tokens. So far, they’ve been distributed for the Overwatch League Tournament events Kickoff Clash, Mid-season Madness, Summer Showdown, and Countdown Cup. Watching future tournaments will also likely net you those League Tokens as well.

How to Set Up Your Account to Receive Viewership Rewards for the Overwatch League Grand Finals

To ensure that you actually receive the League Token for every hour you watch, you’ll need to make a account. Once you have your account, you’ll need to link it to YouTube. You can do so by following this link. Then, you can watch the game from wherever.

If you’ve watched for at least one hour and noticed that you haven’t received any League Tokens, check to make sure you’re watching from a YouTube app on your computer or mobile phone. Watching through your television will not earn your League Tokens.

But if you are watching through the appropriate platform, it can still take up to 48 hours for League Tokens to hit your account. Once granted, tokens will appear in the Overwatch League section of the Overwatch shop.

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